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Alex Kalinov

First name: Alex
Last name: Kalinov
Nickname: Ace King
Country: Bulgaria

About Me

Blog articles: 0
Sheet music uploaded: 8
Comments written: 2
Member since: 06/2009
Last logged in: 11/2009

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  • June 11 Ace King commented on everything i do sheet music What kind of a mooron are you? First off be gratefull for actually some one publishing this and give it up for free. Or you would of been making the trip around the music stores seeking for it and paying not little amount of money, so be grateful little spoiled brat! And unreadble? Go see a doctor for your eyes it's perfectly fair condition. if you have a proble with it just take your time and "decode" it on a note book.
  • June 4 Ace King commented on hello sheet music Missy on the right colum there is "Download hello free sheet music" with an image of an arrow next to it. It's kinda hard to find since it's between ads, but if u look for it a bit you should be able to find. if u still can find it go the FAQ, there is an image which will show you where to look for the link for download.
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